Principles of personal data protection

company A3 Soft s.r.o., seat: Továrenská 98/4, Púchov 020 01, Slovak republic, Company ID: 36337960, registered in the Commercial Register of the County Court Trenčín, section: Sro, insert no.: 14910/R

I.How do we protect your privacy?

1. It is essential for us to have basic information about you to provide you all our services. Some of them have features of personal data pursuant to Article 4 point 7 of Regulations of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 on protection of personal entities of personal data processing and of free movement of this data (hereinafter as: “GDPR”), as well as of related relevant legal regulations regulating personal data protection (e.g. Law no. 18/2018 Coll. on personal data processing and on change and supplement of particular laws as amended, decree of Personal data protection Authority of the Slovak republic as amended.2. We follow these regulations at processing your data and we maintain only the data which you provide to us or is publicly available.3. The legal base of personal data processing is to create an account on FiskalPRO portal ( For personal data processing we also use services of other processors which process personal data only by our instructions. Personal data is not provided to third parties with the exception of companies:

  • IČO 36337960 – A3 Soft s.r.o. (Slovak republic)
  • IČO 50280635 – A3 Pay s.r.o. (Slovak republic)
  • IČO 46580581 – A3 Soft s.r.o. (Czech republic)
  • IČO 35834498 – Direct Parcel Distribution SK s.r.o. (delivery company DPD)
  • IČO 47927682 – DHL Parcel Slovensko spol. s r.o. (delivery company DHL)
  • IČO 31351603 – TNT Express Worldwide spol. s r.o. (delivery company TNT)

5. We maintain data about you:a) To create an account on the portal and to use device:

  • name and surname
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • business name, Company ID, VAT Identification No. and company address
  • addresses of branches including country
  • cookies
  • IP address

b) To use terminal payment functions:

  • date of birth
  • personal ID number
  • place of birth
  • exact address including country
  • number and validity of identity card, password or residence permit
  • identification document issuer
  • sex
  • nation
  • nationality
  • description of sold services and products
  • bank account number

6. This data is maintained in protected database on our server so you do not have to fill it in again when using and activating all services provided by us. We also use your data to reach you by phone or by e-mail and to offer you services and products, i.e. to send you commercial information and to inform you about actions, events or other options of business cooperation.7. Your data and other settings may be changed or updated anytime by e-mail or after login to FiskalPRO portal. If you wish to cancel your registration, send your request by e-mail on address Your account will be deactivated.8. Only entitled and properly instructed persons have access to personal data. By registering you grant us to process your personal data for period of user account existence and 24 months after expiration. If you cancel your grant, the processing period will be shorter.

II.Cookie files

Cookies are very small, text, temporary files which are saved by the Internet site to browser of your terminal device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.). Temporary cookie files are saved only while visiting our website. Permanent cookie files remain saved even in dependence on their function. You can delete these files from browser anytime. Cookie files do not collect any of your personal data, although we cannot provide full-valued function of web sites.

III.Analysis and statistics

We monitor and analyse web sites by analytic services. None of analysed data is your personal data. By this service we check visit rate, geographic data, browser information and operational system information from which you access to our web sites. We use this information for marketing purposes, for purposes of other web sites and content improvement.